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Our clinical trials team are helping pave the way for a better future for blood cancer patients.

Funded by Linc, the Research Coordinators support the running of NIHR-backed research studies. These studies are open to blood cancer patients who are receiving treatment across the Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. These trials are so important as they have the potential to change patient outcomes both nationally and internationally. This is achieved by working with patients and offering them access to innovative trials that could benefit them, and others, in the future.

Across the Trust the trials that are ran have provided access to medicines that previously weren’t available in Gloucestershire, and have helped shape the standard-of-care treatment regimens that are now offered.

Supporting numerous patients from across Gloucestershire, the team aim to make research as accessible as possible. Based at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the clinical trials team, and the variety of healthcare professionals who support them, are experts in their field, ensuring that patients’ wellbeing is always the priority.

Supporting you through each and every trial….

When patients need treatment, the clinicians will fully discuss their options with them, and this may include the possibility of taking part in a clinical trial.

Elaine Sizer
Lead Research Coordinator

“We are so grateful for Linc Charities support because by having a guaranteed amount of money enables our trials team to undertake portfolio planning and maintain expertise within the team – something that is often difficult, given the temporary nature of research funding nationally. This support means that we can offer our patients access to studies that could change their outcomes, and that we can be there to support them through their journey.”

Once the clinician has discussed treatment options, the trials team will become involved, helping to put patients at ease when they need it most. It can be a difficult time, with new, unfamiliar experiences, and lots of information to process. The team will be supporting the patient each step of the way, from explaining what the trial involves and answering any questions they may have, to supporting right across their treatment journey.

If you’re currently receiving treatment but your clinician hasn’t mention the option of participating in a research study, it may be that the right study isn’t yet available for you. We are, however, continually growing our research portfolio, so new opportunities may become available soon.

Feel free to discuss this with your clinician, or get in touch with our trials team, who are always happy to help. Please contact them on 0300 422 8523, or email at

Feel free to discuss this with your clinician, or get in touch with our trials team, who are always happy to help. Please contact them on 0300 422 5473, or email at

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