We are empowering, we are supportive, we are Linc.

Hearing the news that you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer can be a time of uncertainty. No matter how old you are or what stage you are at through this journey, it’s our purpose and drive to support all those navigating day-to-day life.

We do this by providing funding to help through this difficult time as well as offer leading medical assistance to strengthen a positive outlook through collaboration and making patients and their families feel comforted.

Linc has a vast footprint across Gloucestershire, Hereford and South Worcestershire with our two hubs at the Linc Outpatients Centre in Cheltenham General Hospital and Edward Jenner Unit at Gloucester Royal Hospital. A sanctuary for support, they are a place where you can be you.

We’re all unique, and we all have our good days and not-so-good days, that’s why our personal approach offers empathy, encouragement and empowerment.

What we do really matters. Linc isn’t passive, we’re productive and have a real influence both in and outside of the hospital. Sitting within the NHS, we not only fund a team of Clinical Psychologists who work alongside both patients and staff, we also fund two clinical trial nurses who look at ways patients could benefit from innovative medical treatments. That’s right, our nurses are pioneers in this field.

It might cross your mind upon diagnosis how you’ll handle finances, or there are a few months or even years during treatment that can be challenging. Our dedicated fund specially reserved for blood cancer patients takes away this burden. You’d be surprised at what we can help with. From childcare costs to new clothes, rent payments, acupuncture to manage pain, or covering entry fees for a family day out, no matter how big or small the gesture, we’re there.

We want to make people feel as comfortable as possible during their time in hospital too. From Sky TV packages to exercise bikes, we provide ways to improve your wellbeing and have a positive effect.

How we help

A force for good. Linc are there for patients diagnosed with blood cancer and their families. We’re committed to delivering information, reassurance and support through a wide range of means. Embedded and working alongside the NHS, we’re championed by medical world clinical support teams for our forward-thinking care. We put patients at ease by removing barriers and re-placing them with respite that’s purposeful and personal.

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Donations that make a difference

Without your donations, Linc wouldn’t be able to provide and sustain the work that we do. Whether you’re an individual, business, organisation, philan-thropic group, or want to leave a gift in your will, all contributions ensure that we continue our leading approach. Got a fundraising idea? From cake sales to cycling challenges, tacky t-shirts at work day, to musical and comedy nights, every initiative is individual to you but helps Linc greatly.

Become A Fundraiser

How you can support

We’re a team of enthusiastic, optimistic and driven people all with the same goal. Our growing army of volunteers is thriving with individuals, families and friends, who help make a real significance in their local community. We want you to wave the flag and shout about the steps we’ve made and our amazing achievements. Make new friendships, make lasting memories, and above all else make a true difference.

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Linc Charity Office
Linc Out Patients Department
Cheltenham General Hospital
Sandford Road
GL53 7AN


Linc Charity Office
Edward Jenner Unit
Gloucester Royal Hospital
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